lucy carney reading in bookshop

A little bit about the headings 

For those that know me, you will notice that "Utter Carnage" are not the first (or even the 20th) words that would be used to describe me. But it's a family nickname very close to my heart, and is a spirit which I believe deserves to live on. Stories have always been a big part of my family - stories, like families, can be wild, wonderful, tangled things. Stories can create destruction, break hearts, give hope and provide a place of refuge. They can cause carnage, and they never die; I like that. 

"Let Them Talk": Sometimes just being yourself is an act of defiance - whether of others or of your own self-doubt. But this heading is also about voice, and letting voices be spoken and heard, and celebrating that. The freedom to talk, and be listened to. Just let them talk. (And it sounds pretty sassy too, which I like).

Me: probably my least favourite writing subject other than analysing Proust. Whenever I try and write an "About" page it ends up sounding like a really bad dating profile, but I've rewritten it about a hundred times now so here goes...


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lucy, I have a dog who eats just about anything, I live by the sea and love to be outside. (All clichés but all true). 


I went to Falmouth University for three years and graduated with a First in Creative Writing - I loved my degree, met amazing people, and ate my weight in Cornish pasties. I always eat scones the Cornish way, I can't sing but also can't stop, I love swimming, I am often distracted by stray thoughts and other people's food. And as you may have guessed, I spend a lot of my time reading and writing, or at least thinking about/pretending to be reading or writing. Sometimes I am napping instead.

This site is a way to keep my writing in one place, old and new, give updates on new projects and ongoing work, as well as writing regular blog posts - whether that's book reviews, anecdotes and observations, film reviews, articles or general life updates. I'll also post weekly "Top 10s", rotating through books, songs, films, poems, quotes, whatever is inspiring me that week. This selection may all seem random, but it will always revolve around words, voices and stories. Whether that is expressed through words, music, film or image, they can all find a home here.

Hopefully this site will grow and change as time goes on - it's still very new, and it's exciting to be finding my feet with it. Thank you for finding it with me.