On this page you'll find pieces of poetry - mostly older work but hopefully with some newer pieces appearing as I start editing and writing again. I've had quite a break from writing poetry so only previously published pieces will be featured here to begin with. All work is copyrighted. 


Battered and torn

You lie in the nudging cold
With your skeleton bare to the world –
The shrivelling withdrawal
Displays the intricacy of veins,
The secret infrastructure that
Networks across your brittle wing,
Once smooth and curved,
Perfect ballerina,
But now possessing the ragged grace
Of a carnival widow.
The wind tugs your edges –
You jerk, shift, tremble.
Tell me, helliopter,
Can you still fly?
We share the memories
Of dropping, spinningturningtwistingroundandroundallthewaydown
To the ground,
And then again,
Until the tree stands bare.






























Originally published in With magazine 2014